Uniformed Services

RCI Associates’ uniformed security officers perform a vital role in safeguarding personnel and assets, deterring threats and mitigating crises across diverse business and government environments. We tailor our services to your needs for protection of people, assets and operations.

Armed or Unarmed Officers

Our highly trained security force has an extensive background in law enforcement and private security. Our officers are qualified to meet your needs for either armed or unarmed security.  

Financial, Retail, Manufacturing

We deliver targeted security solutions for financial institutions, retail enterprises and manufacturing operations. Our team provides the expertise required for the specific security considerations of each environment.

Specialized Maritime

As a leading provider of security services at various ports, we are dedicated to safeguarding people, cargo, ships and other assets in the maritime domain. We continually update our knowledge and training in this ever-changing arena.  

Special Events

Conferences, shareholder meetings, concerts and other special events require thorough security planning. We apply our vast experience to assessing the security requirements and implementing effective protocols and measures.