Executive Protection

RCI Associates is dedicated to helping to safeguard corporate executives, other VIPs and employees in potentially threatening or hostile situations. Protecting people is our highest calling.

Corporate Threat Management

We have built an exceptional reputation for threat management, with our clients lauding our rapid response, customer service and oversight. Our innovative solutions can help advance your organization’s threat management program to the next level.

Crisis Response

Our team can deploy rapidly to your site to assist in crisis response in the aftermath of a life-threatening incident, such as a flood, fire or multiple-party accident. We will help to ensure maximum safety and peace of mind for your employees, customers and community.  

Workplace Violence Intervention

Whether it is a hostile termination, a protest by activists or another form of potential threat to executives and employees, our skilled security experts will help manage the incident in a manner that minimizes risk. Our agents are qualified for Concealed Carry Weapons and can provide plain-clothes security for extra stability.

Travel Security

Our expert travel security professionals have extensive experience in protecting executives and VIPs during domestic and foreign trips. Our services will provide peace of mind as you focus upon accomplishing the objectives of your trip.