Corporate Investigations

RCI Associates applies expertise across an array of the corporate and insurance investigative services that are required in today’s business environment. With solid professionalism, we will work to safeguard your interests.

Sub-Rosa Surveillance

Our principals and investigators have decades of sub-rosa surveillance experience. Whether the issue is workers’ compensation fraud, due diligence or another type of issue, we can meet your investigative needs.

AOE/COE Insurance Investigations

Getting to the truth in an AOE/COE insurance investigation requires specialized interviewing skills. Our investigators are specifically trained in determining the facts surrounding an alleged work-related injury.

Background Investigations

Today’s world requires corporations to know to whom they are entrusting their trade secrets and proprietary information. Our investigative team can help ensure that your prospective employees are properly vetted and trustworthy.

Countermeasure Sweeps

Electronic espionage targeting personnel information and trade secrets is a concern in many business sectors. Using technical surveillance countermeasures, our team can sweep for and disable bugs that are attempting to stealing your intellectual property.